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Be a Leader in Integrated Logistics Business in Asia

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Established in 2006 by four leading marketing experts in forwarding business, LPI holds a vision to be a leader in integrated logistics business in Asia. LPI is a pioneer in doing of export import console within the country.

“At the beginning, we saw opportunity of only few forwarders that taking focus on export import console. And after running this business for 14 years, we are now in this position. We are on top-5 consolidator
in this country and we continue to grow up in line with our vision to be a leader in integrated logistics business in Asia ,” said Yulia.

LPI is one of Indonesia’s leading freight forwarding with services varying from sea freight (LCL consolidation and FCL service), air freight, SOC, logistics and customs clearance, domestics distribution, and
project cargoes.

Its handles both oceangoing and domestic with contribution of 80 and 20%,

Of all its service, export console contributes the highest to the total company’s activities. In 2019, this service contributed around 29.58%. Though it was down from 2018, but in volume it was stable.

“It was mostly due to the increasing contribution of our FCL export and air freight,” Yulia said. Yulia explained that LPI’s FCL export volume grew up by 30% in 2019, thanks to the increasing volume to Thailand, India, Malaysia, and Philippine.

After export console, the second contributor to the LPI’s activity is import console (27%), and then subsequently followed by export FCL (17.37%), air freight (16.57%), and import FCL (9.47%).

LPI also enjoyed a growth in airfreight, up 11% from 2018. The growth in FCL export and
airfreight had supported this company to enjoy a 6% revenue increase in 2019. Though lower than the target of 10%, but overall, the company still enjoyed a growth in 2019, one of the tough years in the business of logistics.

Compared to competitors, LPI has some comparative advantages, including having owned direct export/import console to/from Asia, Middle East, and India Sub Continental. In addition, LPI also has SOC owned service, domestic and project owned division, and supported by owned trucking facilities, EDI, and branch offices.

Reference: ISG – Edition: May 2020

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