Surabaya is the second largest metropolitan city in Indonesia with advanced infrastructure with the port of Tanjung Perak as the international entry and exit gate for goods, besides that Surabaya also has a railroad network that is connected to the Java island rail network, and Surabaya has an international airport with terminals. cargo that is capable of receiving cargo aircraft with large payloads. This makes Surabaya a city that has enormous economic potential, therefore we are aware that many industries in Surabaya and its surroundings require affordable logistics services, which have an international logistics network, and provide the best service. Seeing the high market demand, Link Pacific Logistics is here in the city of Surabaya offering logistics services of the highest quality and very competitive prices, and has an extensive network on an international scale. Link Pacific Logistics Surabaya is ready to serve all your logistics needs with the best service.

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Ruko Buntaran No. 49, Jalan Raya, Jl. Buntaran, Manukan Wetan, Kec. Tandes, Kota Surabaya, Jawa Timur 60185

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