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Why Should Air Freight With Us?

Indonesia is a country with a large potential for production value, moreover, it is located between 2 oceans and 3 continents. The location is very strategic and the industrial growth is developing well enough to make the price of production or raw materials cheap. This is widely followed by other countries. However, for countries that do not have coastlines, it will be difficult to access logistics from inside to outside the country or vice versa, because of this, air freight cargo services are a solution. Speed and security of delivery are the advantages of air freight cargo compared to other logistics transportation services. Due to the increasing market demand for air freight cargo services, Link Pacific Logistics is here to meet customer needs, we have a professional team to maintain the best service and ensure customer goods arrive efficiently and safely. Link Pacific Logistics also has an extensive international logistics network with very competitive prices compared to other competitors.

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Our Air Freight Volume

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Schedule Air Freight

Origin Flight No DOS STF/CLS Departure Arrival Destination
Jakarta (IDN) GA828 D1234567 02/04/2023 01/04/2023 02/04/2023 Singapore (SGP)
Jakarta (IDN) GA816 D136 04/04/2023 03/04/2023 04/04/2023 Kuala Lumpur (MYS)
Jakarta (IDN) GA712 D245 11/04/2023 10/04/2023 11/04/2023 Sydney (AUS)
Jakarta (IDN) GA 866 D7 13/04/2023 12/04/2023 13/04/2023 Bangkok, Thailand
Canada (CAN) GA898 D12457 10/04/2023 13/04/2023 14/04/2023 Jakarta (IDN)
Hongkong (HKG) GA876 D4 14/04/2023 17/04/2023 18/04/2023 Jakarta (IDN)
Shanghai (CHN) GA894 D36 15/04/2023 18/04/2023 19/04/2023 Jakarta (IDN)

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